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Better bullets and getting ready for achievements
I made a minor uptick in 1.2.1 in how the enemies bullets behave, but more importantly, I'm getting ready to add achievements and G+ integration.
Sound enabled
I finally got around to adding 'sound' in version 1.1. It was made using a replica MOOG synthesizer. I've been playing too long with what sounds to use, for now I'll stick with this set. Next on the list is to update gameplay and make it more addicting. I'll be taking ideas.
Released: May 1, 2013
The first early access version of the game is now available. Its basic enough that should work on all android platforms, but let me know in the comments to the right if you have any problems. I also look forward to suggestions people have as I add features. I'm looking at releases twice a week, Wed and Sat, until the gameplay is addicting enough.
Release Pending: May 1, 2013
Trying to get everything together for an early access release of Revaders on May Day. Feel free to discus on the comments to the left anything about this game.
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